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Drawing sessions that you will find fun and rewarding.

Drawing sessions that are focused on your drawing and for a purpose... your purpose! You might want to draw in the landscape or draw toward making. You might wish to improve your observational drawing - either way you can benefit from these sessions.

Drawing for a purpose...

Drawing from landscape, ideas, or object scenarios

tailor your own drawing needs...

All4drawing offers students dedicated tuition, space and time during which to address working approach and use of appropriate media. This can be most useful to those who already work in the visual field as maybe, landscape designer, illustrator, graphic designer, architect, animator, painter, sculptor, interior designer, fashion designer etc. 

All4drawing offers you the opportunity to draw in ways which expand your particular interest within the visual arena and to extend your idea generating abilities and visual thinking. 

You are able to work both in the studio and/or within the landscape, weather permitting!


explore and discover through drawing...

In our experiencing of the everyday, the hustle and bustle of congested trains, busy streets, babble in the office, answering phones and constant recourse to Google, our thinking minds utilise concept, explanation and commentary. Our minds jump from one thing to another ceaselessly. When drawing this particular activity stops. We are in the present, not the past or the future but the present. We become absorbed and slow down. We can allow direct experience, awareness and natural sensitivity to guide us through the moment. Our normal sense of time evaporates. We connect with the world around us in an open and receptive manner. In turn the world reveals its real nature to us, in all its idiosyncrasies.

During the sessions you will discover that drawing can be touch, trace, probing, failure, continuity, change, exploration, realisation, irrational, evidence, assimilation, cognition, contention, encounter, recording, intention, experiential, indeterminate, logical, rigorous, actual. Although of course - it might not be!



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