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Previous classes held - Drawing from the body...

I ran drawing sessions in April and May of 2018 and I may well consider future classes...

In these classes students drew specifically from the life model, both still and shifting poses in timed periods ranging from 10 minutes to 3 hours.

student drawings...

what people said about the April course...

The course was innovative and thought provoking. Angela teaches you not only how to draw accurately but to challenge your perceptions of what is really there in front of you, opening up new ideas and opportunities. The studio is an inspiring place to work and the course is well organised, with an excellent model and very good, home-made food.

Geoff - Hawkhurst.

As a complete beginner to drawing I found the course inspiring and challenging. On the first day Angela made us feel welcome and showed us some examples of work that she admires and explained the techniques that those artists used. This was a very helpful starting point. Angela is an amazing teacher, she taught me see the contours of the body, and how to draw with my eyes rather than my head. John, the model, was also very dynamic and dedicated to the course. I  was surprised at how much food there was! Jacquie is an excellent cook and made sure we were never hungry. You can tell that a lot of work has gone into making this course a success, I can’t wait to come back.

Rose - London.

Life model intertwined with scaffold – wonderful! This course reinforced in me how useful measuring can be when drawing, particularly when approaching the fascinating and sometimes forgotten practice of life drawing. Thank you Angela for firing up the passion and inspiration that comes from intense periods of working in your amazing studio. Thank you also to Jacquie for the necessary sustenance!

Clare - Glasgow.

Angela truly inspires and challenges the creative spirit inside you, whether you are a beginner or at the top of your game. It was great to spend 5 days totally focused on John the model, who is very imaginative and has incredible skills in physical balance and structure. Definitely the best I’ve ever worked with. Jacquie is an excellent cook and kept us entertained with the inventive flavours and culinary combinations…best cookies ever. It was a great opportunity and experience to work with you and I really look forward to challenging the grey/colourful matter of my mind in the future.

Rob - Northiam.

what people did in the August course...

Angela Eames’s life drawing course was an opportunity for me to explore drawing the human figure for a 5 day week without interruption. Occasionally I run my own life drawing classes but I wanted time to concentrate on my own drawing without the responsibility of running a class myself. Her theme was constancy and changeability. This meant comparing approaches to drawing for an extended period of 15 hours to drawing within much shorter time frames. Nowhere else is one likely to find quite such good conditions for life drawing than in the magnificent studio at Morley Farm Barn – or find better engagement with such an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate practitioner as Angela. Her collaboration with John, one of the most versatile models I’ve come across, has created the perfect environment for serious drawing. I could have gone on drawing forever – especially when superbly nourished by Jacquie’s wonderful cooking. She never failed to appear at the right moments with cakes and cookies, and to summon us to her carefully balanced and delicious lunches – aimed to fully satisfy and refresh us without letting us succumb to afternoon energy deprivation! Thank you, Jacquie.

For me this course was not simply a period of self-indulgence. It was an important addition to my ongoing investigations as a drawing enthusiast and teacher. I did not want a single working moment to be wasted. Any serious drawer who has the time to spare and wants to study the human figure could not do better than subscribe to a series of all4drawing sessions with Angela.

what people said about the August course...

David - Peasmarsh.

A very educational 5 days with a superb model. Angela introduced us to new tools and techniques which have inspired me to go away and try some more. Every day was different - and all made even more enjoyable by the excellent food from the lovely Jacquie. I learnt a lot from this talented teacher.

Beverley - Tenterden.

Angela is a skilled teacher - which is unusual in the art world, in my admittedly limited experience. She gauges the temperament, skill level and preferred medium of her students adroitly, and steers them clearly, sometimes with vigour, but always in the right direction. I was especially in need of technical focus - not just ‘technique’ but actually seeing, concentrating, and measuring. She manages to mix enthusiastic support with a disciplined developmental focus - no easy task.

Christopher - Beckley.

We spent a wonderful week, full of good food and a lot of laughs AND I learnt an astonishing amount from an excellent teacher. I will definitely return.

Caroline - Wittersham.



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